Returns Request Process

If you're wondering why we ask our customers to submit a return request before returning their items back to us, this should help clear everything up!

There's a number of reasons we do this.

1 - We can track what items are due back in, if we see a pattern of a certain new product that is being requested to be returned we can look into why that may be. All our items are featured on the same model on our site, so we get a good idea of what the sizing is like when taking photos for the site, and will always advise sizing accordingly in our description if we don't feel it's true to size. However sometimes our customers may have a different experience, after all, all women come in an array of gorgeous shapes and sizes, if we see a pattern forming of a certain product being returned , we can address it right away to be as transparent and accurate to our customers as possible.

2 - Often customers forget to include their order number or address in their packaging when returning back to us, if that is the case, we can search what returns are on their way in to us, and by process of elimination, 9/10 times we can usually figure out who the package is from and can refund them swiftly without bothering them with emailing to and fro which will get their refund back to them sooner.

3 - It easily enables us to keep our customers "in the loop" with what is happening throughout their returns process. When we process a customers return we change the status from authorised to received. This then drops a little email to our customer to let them know their order has been received and their refund has been processed, we know our customers are eager to know where their monies are once they have returned their item back to us, this is quickest way to notifying them of that fact.

4 - Limits mistakes. We've seen enough bad customer feedback on our competitors Twitter feeds and Facebook walls to know that a poor returns process makes for some seriously unhappy customers.

Lost returns, refunds taking months to process, or incorrect monies being refunded back to the customer. We don't ever want this to be us!

At Style Heist we hope to continue providing a stellar service to our customers from start to finish to ensure that no customer ever walks away with a bad word to say about us, no matter whether they love their items or wish to return them. Our customers' happiness is our #1 priority and we feel by having our returns process in place; as our business grows it will ensure we can always keep on top of our returns and refunds and always keep our customers smiling, never chasing payments or lost parcels.

All in all, it may take a minute or two extra but we hope you understand this process is in place so that ultimately we can provide you and all our other customers with the best possible service and experience returning items to us and also get your refund back to you quickly as possible without any hiccups along the way!

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